Terri L. Greiner, Paralegal


Terri Greiner focuses on securities fraud, class actions and personal injury. As a senior paralegal at Starr Austen & Miller LLP, she works diligently to support our legal team during every stage of the litigation process. She possesses a genuine compassion and understanding for individuals and respects the circumstances or problems which may confront each client, and personally commits herself to professionally serving the client to the best of her ability.

Her extensive experience in researching and organizing large amounts of legal documents keeps our legal team in-the-know of important details. Terri is also highly skilled at investigating, researching, and compiling information through the Internet, data bases, and other online resources. Terri has attended numerous CLE courses and seminars to augment her knowledge and skills.

The Paralegals at Starr Austen & Miller work to help others and are ready for anything—working well under pressure and having the ability to stay level-headed.  They help our staff perform at maximum efficiency and minimal stress: they prepare reports to completely inform attorneys of the facts of a case and its legal implications; obtain the forms that the attorney’s request; and make arrangements for trial.

She has an Associates Degree from Ball State University and has 13 years experience in the legal field. Prior to joining Starr Austen & Miller, Terri was employed at Leeman Law Office for four years specializing in Social Security Disability and personal injury claims.