Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer

One area of concentration for Starr Austen & Miller involves construction site accidents, to help clients recover for injuries and damages they’ve suffered.

No matter what kind of construction site you’ve been injured at, including residential, commercial or industrial sites, it is likely that many victims of such accidents have suffered catastrophic or substantial injuries. The reasons for this include the location of the accidents, and the types of activities the victims are involved in when the accident occur, both of which often result in quite serious personal injuries, permanent disability and even wrongful death.

With these serious injuries, victims of these accidents often have high medical bills, lost wages and potentially long periods of disability. In addition, there is often workers compensation issues to be dealt with, and the need to figure out how to get, if possible, full compensation for the injuries sustained while on the job since workers compensation is not normally adequate on its own.

To complicate matters further there are often a maze of state and federal laws and regulations that govern the activities that were being engaged in at the time of the accident, including, but not limited to, OSHA and other safety codes. These regulations and laws can, among other things, help identify how culpable parties were negligent in allowing this accident to occur.

In addition, it can be difficult to determine under both tortious and contractual principles to determine who is responsible for such construction site accidents. The reasons for this include that there are typically multiple agreements and interactions between the owner, general contractors and subcontractors all involved in the construction project where the victim was injured.

Starr Austen & Miller has experience with all of these issues, and can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve after the injuries and damages you’ve suffered through no fault of your own.

Construction Site Accident Q&A