Indiana Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents can be catastrophic, especially when a semi or other large truck collides with a passenger vehicle, so Starr Austen & Miller is here to help.

There is no doubt that, because of their large size and weight, accidents with semi trucks, 18 wheelers and other big rigs can be very severe. They often result in major property damage and severe personal injuries, permanent disability or even wrongful death.

Although there is just typically one truck driver involved, it can often be difficult to sort out exactly who is liable for your accident, including the potential following usual suspects of the truck driver, trucking company, owner of the vehicle, or others.

In addition, fortunately, government regulations require trucks to have insurance which can help compensate accident victims for their losses and damages. The other side of this coin, however, is that there is often disagreements between insurance companies about who should pay, and low ball offers to victims who don’t yet know the full extent of their injuries or how long they’ll need to recover.

At Starr Austen & Miller we believe truck accident victims should be fully compensated for the injuries they’ve experienced, and can help you based on our years of experience in this area of the law.

Truck Accident Q&A