Truck Accident Case History

Estate of Robert Buck  v. Prime Line Transportation, Inc. and Hercules Manoukarakis

This was a wrongful death claim resulting from a side-swipe tractor trailer collision on I 65 in Boone County, Indiana. Suit was originally filed in state court, but was removed to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division.

Bobby L. Young and Sharon Young v. Ronald Shane Bannister, P.I.& I. Motor Express, Inc. and ISPAT Inland, Inc.

This was a catastrophic injury claim involving a truck driver waiting to load at a Gary, Indiana steel mill who was run over by a fellow truck driver.

Estate of Juan Alex Pascual, Maria Castelan and Brenda Ana Castelan v. Cass Area Transit, et al.

A three year old child was struck and killed after exiting a municipal bus which had transported him, his mother and sister.  This case was a child wrongful death of claim and emotional distress claims of surviving mother and sister.

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