After your initial consultation meeting at our office with one of our construction accident lawyers, our team of attorneys will begin to investigate your accident. Our experienced team will carry out a comprehensive investigation of the accident scene and perform an in-depth examination of the equipment, materials and parties involved. Our staff will also search for eyewitnesses and record their accounts of what happened.

Using physical and eyewitness evidence, our team of construction accident lawyers will work diligently to prove that you were a victim of inadequate construction training,  negligent supervision and/or maintenance of equipment, or alcohol and drug law violations, if possible.

It is imperative that you contact our firm as soon as possible after an accident, as the construction companies and their insurers will dispatch their own teams of experts to the scene shortly after the incident. As the reliability and accuracy of our investigation will depend on the timeliness of our response, it is in your best interest to reach Starr Austen & Miller as soon as possible after a accident.