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Hackers: more than 450,000 code names from Yahoo users posted online

CNN has reported that hackers had posted login information on a Web page for what the hackers said were more than 450,000 Yahoo users. Yahoo verified the hack of Yahoo Voices, a publishing tool, citing "approximately 400,000" filched usernames and passwords. However, according to a Yahoo statement, less than five percent of the violated accounts had valid passwords. A note appearing on the post page said, "We hope that the parties responsible for managing the security of this subdomain will take this as a wake-up call, and not as a threat, There have been many security holes exploited in Web servers belonging...

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OSHA Memo Highlights Employer Actions That Discourage Injury Reports

OSHA Administrator Richard Fairfax has released a memo to guide whistle-blower investigators in regard to employer actions that discourage employees from reporting on-the-job injuries. The memo tells OSHA regional administrators and whistleblower program managers to look out for potentially discriminating policies that employers may have towards employees who report such injuries, including • Taking disciplinary action regardless of the injury’s circumstances. • Disciplining an employee for not adhering to a company rule about the time or manner of reporting injuries and illnesses. • Disciplining an employee for an injury that was the result of the employee’s violation of a safety rule. • Providing incentives not...

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DeWitt & Schrader Ponzi Scheme Lawsuit Announced by Starr Austen & Miller

View the Complaint Scott Starr of the Indiana law firm of Starr, Austen & Miller, LLP,announced today that the firm has commenced a lawsuit against the independent certified public accounting firm, and one of its principals and employees, who were involved in rendering services for the Keenan Hauke Ponzi scheme on behalf of its client, the court appointed Receiver for Samex Capital Partners, LLC. The case is entitled “William E. Wendling, Jr., as Receiver for Samex Capital Partners, LLC v. DeWitt & Schrader, P.C., David M. DeWitt, and Matthew S. Hickey,” and was filed on July 9, 2012 in Marion County. Keenan...

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Scaffolding Safety Among Top Ten OSHA Violations

According the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 65 percent of construction workers - about 2.3 million - work frequently on scaffolding. And although scaffolds are used to provide a stable platform for elevated work, scaffolding still makes OSHA’s top ten list of safety violations each year. Why this is so is not clear. Some accidents can be prevented through training and regulation, but workers may ignore what they’ve learned. Workers still fall from scaffolding almost every day. Many injured workers point to planking or support giving way, or to slipping, or being struck by falling objects. Others note the environments that...

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What Constitutes Misconduct by a Bankruptcy Trustee?

Trustees in a bankruptcy situation are expected to conduct themselves in a fair and professional manner, especially to the creditors and bankruptcy inspectors involved in the process. To do otherwise can be costly. A trustee may argue that he or she can be duty bound to take a position detrimental to a major creditor. However, this can’t be simply for tactical purposes. A trustee is not considered in the same light as a typical litigant in a strictly adversarial proceeding. The trustee must conduct him or herself in a fair, impartial and even-handed manner at all times, following principles set out...

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