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Don’t Get Struck!

Don’t Get Struck!

It’s always a good idea to review safety rules, especially when around equipment that could seriously injure or kill. Following is a safety checklist from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for preventing “struck-by” injuries. Struck-by dangers can involve objects ejected from a power tool, such as a nail gun, as well as rolling, moving or sliding objects, such as a moving vehicle. Here we cover the latter.

Heavy equipment
•    Stay away from heavy equipment in operation, and keep track of its location,     even if it’s not in use.
•    Remain outside the swing radius of cranes and backhoes.
•    Stay clear of loads being lifted or dumped.
•    Don’t work under suspended loads.
•    Be careful around unbalanced loads.
•    Hard hats are needed in places where objects could fall on you, and to prevent any head trauma that might happen because of fixed objects.
•    Routinely inspect hard hats for dents, cracks and deterioration.

Motor vehicles
•    Check before each shift to confirm the safe operation of vehicle’s parts and accessories.
•    Lower or block bulldozers and scraper blades when they are not in use.
•    Be aware of the rated load or lift capacity the vehicle, and do not exceed it.
•    Use a cab shield or canopy to protect drivers hauling materials loaded by cranes or power shovels, and wear safety belts.
•    Vehicles should only be driven on grades or roadways that are safely constructed.
•    Make sure workers are highly visible with eye-catching clothing, such as red or orange vests, and those working at night should wear reflective materials.
•    Always have an escape route, and avoid situations where there isn’t one.
•    Traffic should only be directed by flaggers.

And always, check that all warning signs are accurate and in place.