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Construction Site Accidents

Construction Site Accidents

Helping clients receive compensation for construction site accidents is a major area of concentration at Starr Austen & Miller.

Catastrophic injury or death often results from construction site accidents, and families are seriously damaged emotionally and physically. If the injury results in permanent disabilities, the financial and emotional damage are compounded even more.

With their loved ones sidelined by the accident, families often face some very real questions: How do we meet our basic needs? How do we pay for our medical bills? Will worker’s compensation pay, and if so, how much? What do we do now?

Construction site accidents give rise to a number of complicated situations. They involve dealing with many companies, including the company to which the victim is employed plus many subcontractors. It’s very difficult to determine who is actually responsible. Victims can’t sue their employer who might have been responsible or shared responsibility for the accident.


The best recourse is to obtain legal counsel. We’re not ambulance chasers — appealing to families at their most vulnerable moments and promising them results. Instead, we proceed calmly and wisely, not letting emotions influence decisions.  If you are experiencing a loss due to a construction site accident, we’re here to help.


Often the problem goes unaddressed even though it affects many people. This is because the item or problem in question has a relatively small dollar value, so victims find it uneconomical to seek relief on their own. But class actions litigation makes it economically viable to obtain representation.


If you are experiencing a loss due to a faulty product, we’re here to help.

How can we help you in investigating a construction site accident?

by James Austin, Partner

What is fall protection?

by James Austin, Partner

With their loved ones sidelined by the accident, families often face some very real and difficult choices.

Case History

Acuity Mutual Insurance Company v. Highway Technologies, Inc.

A federal court action involving a highway construction accident.

Please note that results of past cases cannot guarantee future success. To our present and future clients, we commit our best efforts. However, because each case involves many different factors, results will always be different from case-to-case. Cases that may seem similar to the cases listed here are not guaranteed to have the same or similar result. Each case is dependent upon its own set of facts and the only common factor in all the cases summarized here and throughout our website is that Starr Austen & Miller, LLP represented the client.

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