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How can I get my money back?


How can I get my money back?

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Hire a lawyer with experience in representing investors.



The biggest issue to most investors is the loss of money. Can you get your money back after being a victim of investment securities fraud or advisor malpractice? Frankly, it depends upon whether your advisor or stock broker has violated the rules and regulations of the brokerage industry or otherwise acted improperly. Investment securities can include anything from stocks, bonds, variable life insurance products, annuities, partnerships, mutual funds, hedge funds, and a variety of other types of investment vehicles.


If you believe you may have been a victim of securities fraud or broker or investment advisor malpractice, your first step is to hire an attorney. You need to look for a reputable and experienced attorney that has handled a large number of investment cases in the past. Your attorney can guide you through the process after you have your consultation and decide what is best for your individual circumstances.


There may be time limitations when taking action against your investment advisor and/or their brokerage company. These time limitations vary from state to state and also upon the type of misconduct an investment advisor has engaged in. As a rule of thumb, the shortest time limits available are normally at least 2 years. (Depending upon your individual jurisdiction and the type of claim that your are making, some claims can be made as long as 5 years, 6 years, or occasionally even 10 years after making your investment.)


Your attorney will know which time limitations apply to your particular facts. Nevertheless, since the shortest time limitations are sometimes as little as 2 years, you should always contact a lawyer as soon as you are suspicious that you may have been the victim of fraud or investment advisor malpractice.


A claim against an investment advisor, a stockbroker, and his or her employer will typically take one of two separate tracts: (a) FINRA arbitration; or (b) a lawsuit filed in court.


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