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Starr Austen & Miller Investigates GM’s SUV Recall For Door Fires Which Affects Indiana Consumers

Starr Austen & Miller Investigates GM’s SUV Recall For Door Fires Which Affects Indiana Consumers

Scott Starr announced today that the firm is continuing to investigate potential products liability claims related to General Motor’s announced recall of approximately 250,000 sports utility vehicles which have a door electrical problem which can cause fires.

The defect reported is a door electrical problem which occurs when fluid enters the driver’s door module, which can eventually lead to the shorting out of the electrical components. These shorts can cause both the power door lock and powder window switches either to become completely inoperative, or to only work intermittently. Further, the short can cause overheating, and/or melting of the components which can result in fire. In fact, at least 28 door fires have been reported.

The vehicles affected include certain 2006 and 2007 model years, for the following models:

  • Chevrolet Trailblazers
  • GMC Envoys
  • Buick Raniers
  • Saab 9-7x
  • Isuzu Ascenders

The recall has not effected all vehicles sold nationwide, but instead only vehicles sold within certain states, including Indiana according to CNN.

Starr stated, “Starr Austen has been following the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation of this matter for some time now, at least since Toyota also announced similar problems with electrical fires in some of its model’s doors in June. One of the reasons for this close eye is because the recall effects vehicles sold in northern states, including Indiana.”

He continued, stating, “Either the design or manufacture of vehicle doors which allow fluid to enter and damage the driver’s door electrical module, causing electrical malfunctions or even fire hazards, are not safe for the public. In fact, they may constitute a defectively manufactured or designed product in violation of state and/or federal laws, and as such we’re investigating this recall thoroughly.”

If your vehicle has caught on fire in the door, or you have been injured because of such a fire, you may be able to seek legal recourse in the form of a products liability lawsuit. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney who also has experience with automobile products liability claims who can help you understand your options.