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Trucking Accidents – Who Will Pay My Medical Expenses?

Trucking Accidents – Who Will Pay My Medical Expenses?

After a trucking accident, sorting it all out can be frustrating and confusing.  The main concern of most clients is how to pay for their medical expenses. We can help negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies and healthcare providers so you can continue to receive medical care until your case is settled.

Who will pay your medical expenses?  The answer depends up how the trucking accident occurred.  If you have an auto policy, medical benefits may be available under your auto insurance along with the trucking company’s insurance, regardless of fault, up to a certain amount.

After benefits with insurance companies are exhausted, health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare may be available. We will help with the transition of payment from the old to the new insurance to ensure your medical bills are paid without interruption.

If your truck accident occurred while you were working, workers compensation insurance could apply. If your accident involved a third party at the jobsite, you may be able to bring suit against that other company.

If you have no insurance coverage, letters of protection to healthcare providers will protect you from harassment or being sent to collection.  These letters explain to providers that payments due will be paid from any recovery that is received.  This gives peace of mind and brings welcome relief to stop collection efforts and harassing phone calls.

Our experienced staff will coordinate the different types of insurance coverage and benefits available to you so your medical expenses will be paid.