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William M. Harrison of West Lafayette Dies in Construction Accident in Shadeland, Indiana

William M. Harrison of West Lafayette Dies in Construction Accident in Shadeland, Indiana

A 911 phone call from a lot near 300 South and Henry Street in Shadeland came into the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department shortly before 9:28 a.m. Wednesday morning, stating that a concrete mixer had rolled into a pool.  According to Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Ron Faith, construction crews were trying to fill a dug out pool with concrete when the earth embankment caved in and the truck overturned into the pool.  William M. Harrison, of West Lafayette was in the pool and was trapped under the truck when it rolled on top of him.  Mr. Harrison was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Lieutenant Faith, the driver of the cement truck, Timothy Burdine of Lafayette, was not injured but was taken to Franciscan St. Elizabeth East Hospital for routine drug and alcohol testing, which is standard procedure anytime there is a fatal accident.  The investigation continues but at this time officials said it is unlikely drugs or alcohol were involved.

Sage Harrison, who lives next door to the scene of the accident, was leaving for school shortly after the cement truck overturned into the pool.  “Right when I first walked out of the house, I saw the truck flipped over and I didn’t know anybody was under it.  I just thought it had fallen in.”  Neighbors crowded around the scene waiting for information.  When Harrison was pronounced dead, Harrington said members of the neighborhood were devastated.  “There’s a lot of people crying and it got to me,” said Harrington.  “You know, when you’re that close to death, it’s just sad and scary.”

If you have any additional information on this accident, please call Mario Massillamany with the law firm of Starr Austen & Miller at (574) 722-6676.

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