Class Actions

A class action suit provides opportunity for many less powerful individuals to band together and address a legal issue. In many instances, this includes receiving justice from large corporations which sell faulty products. This is a key area of concentration at Starr Austen & Miller LLP.

Although each situation is unique, class actions cases usually have some similar elements.

A victim discovers a problem such as with a product that is unsafe or fails to perform as promised by the manufacturer. The victim cannot effectively solve the problem on his or her own. For example, we successfully won a class action settlement against an appliance manufacturer who built water heaters with bad thermocouples -- a $50 part.

Our class actions clients feel the company should correct the product for their benefit and everyone else’s as well. Usually clients care more about justice than receiving compensation.

Often the problem goes unaddressed even though it affects many people. This is because the item or problem in question has a relatively small dollar value, so victims find it uneconomical to seek relief on their own. But class actions litigation makes it economically viable to obtain representation.

If you are experiencing a loss due to a faulty product, we’re here to help.